This is a thanks to everyone who helped in the creation of “Total Strategy Z – Arena of Combat”

• Robin Lewsey – Creator (couldn’t resist thanking myself)
• Dave Kenwright – Artwork & Early development
• Reuben Edwards – iPad programming & web support
• Joe Buglass – Business & web Support
• Paul Coulton – Artwork
• John Powell – Business support
• Nick King – Business support
• Qian Zhuang – Translation
• And Thanks to: Peter Jetson, Adam Green and Ian Mercer for helping with the creation of the prototype.


Finally a special thanks to everyone who play tested the game to make it just perfect:

• Dave Kenwright – What a legend, lost the first game by seemingly forgetting that I’m allowed to actually move my pieces.
• Reuben Edwards – Who introduced the attack as a giant ball strategy.
• Joe Buglass – For the most impressive losing record and worst luck I’ve ever seen! (sorry Joe, I’ll change this when you win a game).
• Joes mate Andrew Green – for putting up with Joes abuse while beating him every time.
• John Powell – Who turned up for the rematch with 2 pages of strategy he’d worked on that morning. Almost won too.
• Vicky Knill – For play testing the first draft of the game. Never really got it but that one play test was responsible for me changing more of the game than any other.
• Becky Seviour – The only person to beat me! That is if you count running away with your remaining 3 men and holding out until my lunch break ends!! Genius.
• Miguel from the soup shop – For managing to win a game against Andrew while watching TV at the same time. Proof that multitasking isn’t just for girls.
• And Ilja Grishin – Who held his breath for a win but alas still lost.

These people have made it great fun creating Total Strategy Z, I hope you enjoy it too.

Best Wishes