Total Strategy Z the Board Game

For a long time new strategy board game releases have been thin on the ground. They don't need to be overly complicated; they just need to offer compelling gameplay and depth, that allows your mind the creative freedom to outwit your opponent.

Total Strategy was developed to do just this. It's a simple gaming mechanic that expands to offer an almost limitless gaming world. With complete freedom of movement around the board and a WYSIWYG style game play, you can plan and execute strategy’s from some of history’s greatest generals and watch them work in game!

Finally at the heart of Total Strategy is the tools it provides to allow you the player to become the creator. I wanted to give you all the ability to change and improve the
game to suit your needs. Or to create scenarios for each other and allow the game to grow organically. After all everyone loves organic :)


Total Strategy Z took 2 years to develop. It owes its solid game play mechanics to the Total Strategy X series, developed 2 years prior to Total strategy Z but never released.

Total Strategy Z the iPad Game

With the introduction of large touch screen devices myself and Reuben decided that Total Strategy would port really nicely onto the iPad. I wanted the ethos behind the iPad version to be the same as the board game with the ability for the players to modify the game themselves. This is why the source code will be made available on the website soon. With terms and conditions for a charter of users to get together on the forums and take the game in new directions.