Welcome to Total Strategy

Ever dreamt of following in the footsteps of history’s greatest generals? Now’s your chance with Total Strategy, a game 4 years in the making. Step into the Arena and test your strategic thinking as you attempt to outwit your opponent on the battlefield. History has produced some remarkable tacticians, but which general will you emulate?

The game comes in a striking box.

the pieces
Your army consists of 12 unique units all with their own strangths and weaknesses.

the game board
The game is deceptivly simple to set up and learn but hides some of the best strategy on the market.

contents A look at what's in the box. (Yes that's my living room carpet).

the combat potThe outcome of each attack is decided by the combat pot, close your eyes and hope to pick out your colour!

Total Strategy Also Boasts

• Realistic game play based on actual battlefield tactics of the time
• Easy to learn with huge depth of strategy
• Multiple game scenarios
• Massively addictive
• Huge tournament potential
• Extremely portable
• Expansion packs and future games planned
• Encourages and promotes creative thinking, decision making and observation skills
• Superbly flexible gameplay means you’re not hindered by rules or dice – you need to outthink the other person

Total Strategy will be available on Amazon in late November, go on the forum to register your interest.

Who would like this game?

• People who play Chess, Risk, Axis and Allies, Warhammer
• Veteran gamers
• Casual board game enthusiasts
• History buffs
• Military strategists
• Suitable for 8 years and up
• 2 Players.

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